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Carbon Experts in Construction Survey 2023

Your voice will help policymakers advance regulations in embodied carbon and construction LCA

Raise your voice. Cut carbon in construction.

Welcome to the Carbon Experts in Construction Outlook Survey 2023.

The survey, conducted by One Click LCA, plays a crucial role in supporting regulators, policymakers, architects, engineers, construction and manufacturing professionals working to reduce carbon emissions. The anonymized data from this survey will be used to advance embodied carbon and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) regulations. Statistics from this survey will be published to support regulators and other policymakers advancing embodied carbon and LCA regulations.

Your opinions and insights matter in shaping the future of sustainability and driving positive change. Join us in creating a greener and more sustainable world by participating in this important survey.


3 key insights from previous Carbon Experts

in Construction Report (2021)


Respondents observed that a lack of national regulations is hindering progress in embodied carbon reduction.


Respondents noted the lack of benchmarks for embodied carbon in buildings and national generic data as significant supply-side constraints on market growth.


Respondents anticipate a minimum of 10% reduction in embodied carbon by conducting a project LCA study.


Get the Carbon Experts Outlook Survey Report 2021

Insights from the survey were published in the Carbon Experts Outlook Survey 2021 report created by One Click LCA to drive advancement in low-carbon construction practices worldwide. The report was authored by Panu Pasanen, CEO at One Click LCA, with analysis conducted by Vasilis Kalfountzos, Business Developer at One Click LCA.

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