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Carbon Designer 3D is now available

An evolution of the previous Carbon Designer tool, Carbon Designer 3D is packed with productivity-boosting features for even more powerful early design optimisation. See how it works >>

Identify concepts with low embodied carbon before you even start drawing

With One Click LCA Carbon Designer, you can create a typical building instantly with just shapes and sizes. Quickly generate and compare design options by using ready-to-use building structures or materials.

Early design optimisations have the highest impact on carbon saving potentials and lowest cost

Optimise early designs instantly. No material quantities needed.

Solve the biggest challenges when it comes to optimizing the carbon performance in early design stages. With Carbon Designer, you can quickly generate and compare different design options by using pre-defined building structures or materials.

Choose a ready-to-use typical building that is specific to your country and building type. These typical buildings give you shoebox quantities of materials needed. Adjust the shapes and sizes of the reference building and get instant carbon performance results. This is your baseline design.

You can choose regional building models for: Finland, Norway, Sweden, the UK and Ireland, the US and Canada, Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal) and generic European. Eastern European models are coming soon.

Apply a scenario to quickly change the entire structure of the building e.g. to wood, steel or concrete. Or change each building element, such as changing the floor slab to a concrete slab assembly with bubble deck. Or make your own construction assembly.


Compare different design scenarios and see immediate carbon saving results.

Generate baseline buildings per LEED and BREEAM NOR - NS3720 requirements

Carbon Designer can be used to generate baseline buildings that comply with LEED v4 requirements (archetype or alternative design options), create BREEAM NOR 2018 concept stage options, and more.

Use ready-to-use structures or create your own assemblies

Carbon Designer enables you to generate early design options quickly with its built-in scenarios and ready-to-use structures. You can also create organization-level private constructions to customize the tool to your specific needs.

Trusted by governments

Norway, Statsbygg

Statsbygg, the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property, advises, owns, manages and develops government properties. Statsbygg owns all government properties, including all embassies, and invests some $650 million in construction annually. They use Carbon Designer to define baseline performance and to set a target for at least 30% reduction.

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Finland, Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries

Finland has launched its free low carbon design tool, developed based on Carbon Designer. The tool complies with Finnish Ministry of Environment’s whole life carbon assessment of buildings method, which is applied in the upcoming building carbon regulations, and European standards. The tool is developed using the innovative Carbon Designer tool supporting very early design decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carbon Designer still available?

Carbon Designer has now been superseded by an enhanced early design optimisation tool, Carbon Designer 3D

You can continue to access the tool, but we will no longer improve the tool and will no longer offer the previous Carbon Designer to new clients. Existing users will be offered the option to move to Carbon Designer 3D. Eventually, we will phase out the original version of Carbon Designer.

How do I get access to Carbon Designer?

Carbon Designer is an add-on to One Click LCA tool for buildings, and is not sold separately. Contact for a demo or quote.

Where is Carbon Designer available?
Carbon Designer offers tailored typical building scenarios for:

  • United Kingdom (UK buildings, Part L 2016)
  • Norwegian (reference building v2019.1)
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • France
  • Europe
  • Southern Europe
  • Northern United States (ASHRAE 90.1 zone 4 & 5)
  • Southern United States (ASHRAE 90.1 zone 2 & 3)
  • Canada (ASHRAE 90.1 zone 5 & 6)
Can I use Carbon Designer if I don't have any material quantities?
Absolutely, yes. The only things you need to know are building type, gross floor area, and number of floors. The rest you can either customize or use default values. Carbon Designer will generate shoebox material quantities that would be translated into carbon impacts. 

Ready to start early design optimisation?

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