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Carbon Designer for Ireland

A free early-stage whole life cycle carbon assessment tool for Ireland.

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Funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and Land Development Agency.
Developed by the Irish Green Building Council and One Click LCA.

Calculate whole life cycle carbon impacts, even before the brief is finalised

The earlier you optimise carbon, the more reductions you can make. With the Carbon Designer for Ireland tool you can assess the impact from the concept design stage. It can be used to inform the brief development and initial design stages of a project.

Assess and visualise emissions

Quickly assess and visualise the emissions linked to different material choices.

Share results with clients

See the results in a quick and easy to understand report, ideal for sharing with clients.

How to access the free Carbon Designer for Ireland

The Carbon Designer for Ireland Tool is available for free.  To access the tool you need to create a free One Click LCA account.
Note: tool availability is not limited to a trial period.

Step 1:

Create a free One Click LCA account – ensure you select Ireland in the country field.

Choose to start a new Building project.

Step 2:

Select Carbon Designer for Ireland (free tool). This option will appear in the menu automatically if you have set your country to Ireland.

Step 3:

Learn how to use it with the One Click LCA Help Centre.


Optimise early-stage whole life carbon with

Carbon Designer Ireland

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