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Carbon Designer 3D for business success and early carbon optimization

Thursday, February 29, 10:00 AM (CET)








Your hosts

Kostas Koukoulopoulos

Product @ One Click LCA

Myriam El Kozah

Product @ One Click LCA

Asha Ramachandran

Sustainability Comms @ One Click LCA

Learn about Carbon Designer 3D (CD3D), the early carbon optimization tool from One Click LCA, with product experts Kostas and Myriam. 


Topics covered in the conversation will include:

  • Introduction to CD3D: Overview of how CD3D supports various business needs, including early carbon assessments.
  • Core features: Insight into CD3D’s functionalities, including design generation, carbon hotspot identification, and regional adaptation for global markets.
  • Improvements and feedback: We will request a list of features or improvements for us to focus on, guided by your direct feedback.
  • Regional updates: Updates on new regions covered by CD3D, including 15+ regions — Australia, Japan, MENA, Norway, Sweden & more.
  • Regional updates and Q&A: Live Q&A session for direct expert advice.

Join us to learn how CD3D can improve your business by facilitating early carbon optimization.

About One Click LCA: One Click LCA is the world’s leading LCA and EPD software for the construction and manufacturing sector, with a 20-year track record in the industry. We help you to achieve your goals and to decarbonize the world’s construction.