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One Click LCA: easy, fast, and comparable sustainability


We launched One Click LCA at the Nordic Green Building Councils’ Conference to enable easy, efficient and comparable sustainability metric calculation, comparison, target setting and to support cooperative and competitive processes within the industry.

The software implements both CEN / TC 350 Sustainability of Construction Works-standards family indicators as well as the Green Building Council Finland’s core indicators. Furthermore, the metric offering has been extended with additional metrics such as life-cycle material balance and environmental expenditure forecast. The software is backed up by a high quality and comprehensive database, which makes calculating even challenging projects easy and helps you choose the life-cycle efficient solutions based on reliable facts.

The tool is used by the Finnish University Properties, Kesko, cities of Porvoo and Tampere, LADEC, Tampere-talo, Järvenpään Mestariasunnot and by many other leading actors in the industry.

One Click LCA is a cloud-based sustainability software, which can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a building professional, a manufacturer, a city council or a hotel owner — our platform will help you achieve your CSR and sustainability goals.

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