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Building LCA resource hub

Ebooks, Webinars, and articles that explain the key concepts of building life cycle assessment, and help you master it

Key resources

Building LCA is a science-based methodology for quantifying the lifetime environmental impacts and embodied carbon impacts of a building and the most effective tool available to measure the life-cycle carbon emissions of any construction project. We’ve compiled our top resources to help you get started and put life-cycle metrics to work for you.

Life Cycle Assessment for Buildings

Why it matters and how to use it

This ebook aims to demystify LCA to widen its use and, ultimately, reduce the environmental impact of the buildings and infrastructure projects.

The business case for building life-cycle assessment

This article points out why demand for building LCA is soaring and how you can include it in your offer, even if you are new to it.

10 design commandments for cutting your building’s embodied carbon

We have distilled some of the most effective approaches to reduce embodied carbon into 10 easy-to-follow design rules or commandments.

The Low Carbon Real Estate & Construction Services Playbook

Accelerate decarbonisation while growing your business.

Using EPDs for Building LCA

Environmental Product Declarations for Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment

The role of Environmental Product Declarations in Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment

A guide to Life-cycle assessment for green building experts

The key concepts underpinning LCA so you can incorporate it into your work

Decarbonizing construction

Guidance for investors and developers to reduce embodied carbon

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Regulations, Certifications & Voluntary Targets

Why Building LCA?

Building LCA helps you measure and reduce environmental impacts of your building, achieve green building certifications, and comply with regulations. We’ve compiled our top resources to help you dive into each of these specific use cases.


Building LCA is a mandatory part of several existing and future regulations. A list of governments driving the low-carbon agenda is given below:


For achieving BREEAM, LEED, HQE, E+C- or other green building certifications, the building LCA results must be tailored to the relevant scheme, including life-cycle stages, impact indicators, benchmarking, and more. The use cases for a few of the most popular certifications are listed below:

Voluntary Targets

Performing a building LCA is essential to meet the net-zero and low carbon targets which end-users, investors, and tenants value. Some examples are listed below:

Articles, Webinars

How to automate the building LCA process?

If you’ve struggled with old-style LCA tools and cumbersome Excel sheets, you’ll appreciate the efficiency boost offered by automating LCA through integration with design and modelling tools such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Building Energy Modelling (BEM) tools. The resources will guide you through the basics of building LCA automation.

Automating building LCA using BIM tools

These resources guide you through the process of integrating building LCA with BIM tools.

What are the benefits of automation in early carbon optimisation?

These resources describe in detail the benefits of automating the building LCA process and how it can help with carbon optimisation during the early design stages of a project

Carbon Designer: a new approach to Carbon Optimization

Articles, Webinars

Beyond building LCA: LCC, Building circularity, and more

Decarbonising the construction sector and reducing embodied carbon of buildings is way beyond just performing a building LCA. These resources will provide insights on how this can be achieved.

Life Cycle Costing in Construction

The Business Case for Life Cycle Costing

An Introduction to Circular Economy principles in construction design

Embodied Carbon Benchmarks for European Buildings

The Embodied Carbon Review

Embodied carbon reduction in 100+ regulations and rating systems globally


Building LCA Visualisations

Building LCA infographics and data visualizations

Visualization explaining various concepts related to building LCA in downloadable format

Free Training

Préparez-vous à la RE2020 avec cette formation gratuite sur l’ACV dans la RE2020 avec Carbon Designer 3D

Cette formation est destinée aux BE, Architectes, Ingénieurs, Promoteurs, et Investisseurs qui souhaitent se préparer à la RE2020, comprendre la réglementation et commencer à pratiquer les ACV.

En français
Level: Beginner
Formation en ligne de 3h

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Klimatdeklaration: Praktisk kunskap & Smarta arbetssätt

Behöver du klimatdeklarera ditt projekt och undrar hur man enklast kommer igång? Delta på vår gratis kurs och lär dig hur du kan skapa en klimatdeklaration med hjälp av One Click LCA.

På svenska
Nivå: Nybörjare
1 lektion: 2 timmar + nedladdningsbara e-böker, checklistor & FAQ som hjälper dig komma i gång med Klimatdeklaration.

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LCA di edifici per certificazioni e ottimizzazione del design nelle prime fasi con Carbon Designer 3D

Guadagna i crediti delle certificazioni velocemente e scopri informazioni importanti per ottimizzare il design nelle fasi iniziali.

Lingua: Italiano
Level: Beginner
2 ore di corso dal vivo

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Análisis de Ciclo de Vida de edificios, certificaciones y optimización en fase de diseño con Carbon Designer 3D

Apúntate a nuestro curso para descubrir como llevar a cabo un análisis de ciclo de vida de un edificio, los datos necesarios para su cálculo y las certificaciones qué se pueden alcanzar con su realización.

Idioma: Español
Level: Beginner
2 horas de curso

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