Award winning Energy system model

Witty Energy competition winner

Bionova’s award winning Energy system model


Bionova developed the award-winning district-scale energy system model Finnoo’s sustainable bi-directional energy system together with the City of Espoo and Fortum Power and Heat. The model won the national Witty Energy competition organised by Tekes, the National Innovation Agency. The competition was highly rated and attracted altogether 51 high-quality applications.

The jury summed up the winning proposal as follows: ”Even though the area has very high ambitions, they are all backed by implementable plans and can be achieved by leveraging the municipality’s legal power to direct and regulate private investment in the new district.”

Bionova performed a comprehensive energy demand modeling and optimization for the district, and leveraged the One Click LCA analysis platform backed up by the district 3D model. The model supported the search for the most efficient solutions and approaches to ensure very low overall energy consumption. Altogether the system halves the imported energy demand for the area when compared to regulatory norms.

Furthermore, we built a management model supporting the city of Espoo to steer this large-scale project to achieve its energy targets over the whole development cycle. Due to the excellent results and cooperation, the City of Espoo also requested Bionova to prepare the winning proposal for the competition.

Finnoo is a significant seaside development area which will provide a home for 15 000 – 17 000 inhabitants. Land sales in Finnoo begin in 2014 and the area will be essentially completed by 2030. Finnoo aims to be a sustainable development model and a springboard for new urban energy system innovations.

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