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The Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and Green Building Council Finland organised “The Most Climate Friendly Apartment Building in Finland 2013”-competition, which relied on Bionova’s expertise and One Click LCA for assessing the participating projects. The competition was sponsored by Saint-GOBAIN Isover and Skaala and the media partner was Rakennuslehti.

The goal was to measure buildings based on life-cycle carbon footprint, calculated according to the EN 15978 standard and Green Building Council Finland’s application guidelines (drafted by Bionova as well). The winner and jury’s picks were announced in November. All participants got feedback on their relative performance. More information on the competition (in Finnish) at

The joint winners of the competition were Mestaritorppa from Järvenpään Mestariasunnot and the Vantaa’s Kivistö Housing Fair district block by MERA Reponen. All participants were assessed by Bionova Consulting and used One Click LCA to self-assess the life-cycle impacts of their projects.

The benefits of One Click LCA became evident in the competition. The jury had at its disposal numerical, clear, uniform and reliable picture of the carbon footprint of all participants, calculated according to EN 15978 standard as well as it’s Finnish application guide, issued by GBC Finland and drafted by Bionova Consulting.

The winners’ carbon footprint is half of the common practice achieved in compliance with today’s norms

The jury opted to award the first place to two participants, as their numerical results were very close to each other. Both achieved a level of approximately half of what is achieved in compliance with today’s norms by ordinary construction using district heat in Finland. By sharing the award between two projects the jury wished to highlight that low emissions can be achieved with very different solutions, materials, and technologies.

Measured, reliable data on impacts is becoming more and more important in the early phases of construction projects to keep life-cycle costs under control on one hand, and to achieve emissions goals on the other hand. One Click LCA makes measuring these impacts easy for constructors, construction companies, and the authorities. Alternative designs and the progress of impacts between design stages can be easily compared. With numerical facts at hand, it’s easy to choose the actions which have the highest potential. In the competition, some of the projects did change their designs based on feedback from the assessments.

One Click LCA is a cloud-based sustainability software, which can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a building professional, a manufacturer, a city council or a hotel owner — our platform will help you achieve your CSR and sustainability goals.

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