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Ecompter, a leading hotel sustainability service has been acquired by Bionova. Following the successful integration of Ecompter services onto Bionova’s software platform in 2014, also the business management is now integrated. Since the technological integration has already been done, the services continue to be delivered as previously.

The integration will lead to even better support and access to product development for current business partners. All customers and resellers continue on existing terms, and the service continues to be available. New product extensions and capabilities to the Ecompter platform will be announced during the spring 2015.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer even a broader range of services and solutions to Ecompter users, and plan a significant investment in the product development over years to come. We see this as a great opportunity to participate even further in the sustainable tourism trend”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of Bionova Ltd.

“I am pleased to give Ecompter and our customers to good hands. With Bionova taking ownership of the business, the customers will enjoy direct access to broader sustainability expertise, visibility to the product development and also be able to access to more products”, says Ville Valorinta, CEO of Ecompter Ltd and Ecompter International Ltd.

About Bionova:
Bionova delivers sustainable performance. Bionova’s core business is developing the easy to use cloud service platform 360optimi for measuring, improving and leveraging environmental efficiency as a business tool. The services are delivered to several industries globally, and our business sectors include hospitality, construction, manufacturing, property management, corporate responsibility and custom solutions. Bionova was founded in 2001, is AAA-rated, growing and strongly profitable.

About Ecompter:
Ecompter is a tailored sustainability service for hotels, and it allows to easily get a grip on environmental impacts, provides effective guest communication and marketing tools and helps hotels and hotel chains to manage their overall environmental program and performance – and track and put a lid on the increasing cost of utilities. The service supports several recognized industry standards, including Hotel Carbon Management Initiative, TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, Nordic Ecolabel, and it is used by hundreds of hotels worldwide.

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