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One Click LCA for Belgium

Easy life-cycle assessments that comply with BREEAM, LEED and Level(s)

One Click LCA solutions for Belgium

One-stop carbon & life cycle metrics software for building projects and products

For architects, consultants and engineers

Building LCA Software

Easily assess and reduce impact

  • Gain BREEAM, LEED and Level(s) credits
  • Easily create baseline buildings
  • Identify hotspots and ways to reduce impact

For building product manufacturers

EPD Generator

Generate EPDs and product climate footprints

  • Get your products seen by potential customers
  • Showcase your products’ sustainability
  • Benchmark your products against your competitors

Voor architecten, consultants, en ingenieurs

LCA van een gebouw

Uw low carbon producten in de kijker zetten

  • BREEAM, LEED en Level(s) credits behalen.
  • Gemakkelijk referentiegebouwen creëren.
  • Identificeer hotspots en manieren om de impact te verminderen.

Pour les architectes, consultants et ingénieurs

Construire un logiciel ACV

Évaluer et réduire facilement l’impact

  • Obtenez des crédits BREEAM, LEED et Level(s).
  • Créez facilement des bâtiments de base.
  • Identifier les points chauds et les moyens de réduire l’impact.

Why choose One Click LCA?

BIM and BEM integrations

Green Building Certifications

Construction Datapoints

Including Revit, Grasshopper, Excel, IES-VE, Tekla

Gain BREEAM, LEED and Level(s), as well as DGNB and RE2020 and comply with the Netherlands’ national MPG requirements

Including data from NIES, B-EPD, MRPI, NMD3.0, IBU, Okobaudata, and more

Start including carbon assessments in your work today

Embodied carbon is becoming almost as critical as cost to the construction sector in Belgium. Driven by growing client demand, as well as regulations and voluntary schemes requiring embodied and operational carbon to be assessed and disclosed, for example in the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) or the Level(s) framework.

Driven by customer demand, as well as regulations and voluntary schemes such as DGNB and the Level(s) framework, many major projects now require Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs).

Increased emissions reporting requires more transparent materials data. In order to compete in a competitive marketplace, manufacturers must calculate and report the impact of their products.

One Click LCA provides life cycle assessment tools that are accessible to everyone, enabling even non-professionals to quantify, report and reduce carbon emissions from construction projects, products and portfolios.

Learn more about how you can start measuring and reporting the impact of your work today.

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