About Bionova Ltd

We provide solutions and software to help organisations achieve their sustainability goals.

About Bionova

Bionova Ltd is the global leader for construction works life-cycle assessment and embodied carbon optimization solutions. Our core business is construction sustainability as measured by embodied or life-cycle carbon, Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Assessment and circular economy.

We also perform selective and specialized, high-impact assignments to develop the regulatory and voluntary environment towards circular economy and embodied carbon reduction in construction.

Bionova is an official member of USGBC, UKGBC, and GBC Finland.

Established in 2001. AAA-rated since 2008.

Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland.

Registered trademarks: One Click LCA, 360 optimi, Ecompter, EnergiaValinta.


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Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program for 1000 buildings Project

In cooperation with Dutch Green Building Council, Irish Green Building Council, Hungary Green Building Council, Romania Green Building Council, Green Building Council Italia, Statsbygg, and other world leaders in sustainable construction, we have created a building carbon benchmark program targeting establishing carbon benchmarks for 1000 buildings.

This program builds on detailed, Level(s)-compliant building LCAs conducted by users and allows obtaining very fine breakdowns of materials use as well as carbon intensity, including documented building types and scopes of analysis.

Sustainable performance — delivered by experts

Bionova Ltd. is a house full of life-cycle performance experts who developed the revolutionary One Click LCA solution, allowing you to automate your environmental impacts from existing design data while ensuring compliance with any certification scheme (LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and 30 other systems).

We also deliver professional services (LCA & EPD calculation and verification and others) and customized software tools to manufacturers, other businesses, cities, and governments through the tested and proven One Click LCA platform.

Some of the businesses we are proud to serve

We believe sustainability is a part of the core business and a potential profit opportunity to be seized, to be considered like any other long-term business investment. We help you to develop sustainable competitive advantage and leverage environmental efficiency as part of your business and growth strategy. We offer software solutions and professional services globally.

Some of the public bodies we are proud to serve

Are you looking for a municipality or government level solution? We have substantial experience in delivering expertise and solutions to national, provincial and city level governments. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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