About Bionova Ltd

We provide solutions and software to help organisations achieve their sustainability goals.

About Bionova

Bionova Ltd is the global leader for construction works life-cycle assessment and carbon measurement and optimization software. Our core business is construction sustainability tools for embodied or life-cycle carbon, Life Cycle Costing, Life Cycle Assessment and circular economy.

We are the developers of One Click LCA, the building Life Cycle metrics software that allows you to calculate Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Carbon footprint and other environmental impacts in a matter of minutes thanks to easy to use automation with commonly used design software. One Click LCA can deliver compliant LCA & LCC for BREEAM, LEED, NS 3720, E + C-, DGNB, and 30+ other certifications, and holds the highest possible 100% Mat 01 rating for BREEAM.

We also perform selective and specialized, high-impact assignments to develop the regulatory and voluntary environment towards circular economy and embodied carbon reduction in construction.


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We participate in CEN/TC 350 Sustainability of Construction Works standardisation, in Embodied Carbon work coordinated by the International Energy Agency, UN Environment Sustainable Buildings, and Construction program as well as regulatory and certification development.

We have furthermore partnered with the DGBC, Irish Green Building Council, Hungary Green Building Council, Romania GBC, GBC Italia and Statsbygg of Norway for carbon benchmarking via our Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program, which is open for others to join. We are also partnering with Autodesk and Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) for automating LCA.

Bionova Ltd was established in 2001 and has been AAA-rated since 2008. Bionova Ltd serves clients in over 50 countries. Bionova Ltd is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Our registered trademarks are: One Click LCA, 360 optimi, and Ecompter.

Our services

We provide ready to use cloud services, custom software solutions and selective professional services. Read more:

One Click LCA by Bionova Ltd

One Click LCA is our world-leading building Life Cycle Assessment software. It is used by organizations worldwide for Embodied Carbon, Ecodesign, Green Building credits, and Life Cycle Metrics calculations.

Some key facts:

  • One Click LCA is third-party verified by the Buiding Research Institute (a Notified Body) against EN 15978, ISO 21931-1, ISO 21929-1, EN 15804, EN 15942 and ISO 21930 standards
  • It has been verified by BRE (a Notified Body) for compliance with all BREEAM schemes and for 100% Mat 01 rating
  • The French government has certified its compliance with Énergie positive — Réduction carbone (E+C-)
  • One Click LCA has the largest construction LCA database on the market, with more than 10.000 construction datasets, and integrates with all common design tools, including Revit, BIM, IES, DesignBuilder, Solibri, and more

Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program

In cooperation with Chile Green Building Council, Dutch Green Building Council, Irish Green Building Council, Hungary Green Building Council, Romania Green Building Council, Green Building Council Italia, Statsbygg, and other world leaders in sustainable construction, we have created a building carbon benchmark program with the target of establishing carbon benchmarks for 1000 buildings.

This program builds on detailed, Level(s)-compliant building LCAs conducted by users and allows obtaining very fine breakdowns of materials use as well as carbon intensity, including documented building types and scopes of analysis.

Sustainable performance delivered

Some of our public reference projects include:

  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), consultancy
    work for a Construction Materials Efficiency project
  • Roadmap for building life-cycle carbon footprint regulation for Finnish Ministry of the Environment
  • The Embodied Carbon Review: Embodied carbon reduction in 100+ regulations and rating systems globally, made possible with the support of Stora Enso, Saint-Gobain, Finland’s Ministry of the Environment and The Finnish Transport Agency
  • Developing a program for climate change adaptation standards development for buildings and construction for CEN based on European Commission Mandate M/256
  • Using BIM in social housing sustainability development – for the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland
  • Creating BIM Model Checker for ensuring the quality of automated LCA

Some of the businesses we are proud to serve

We work with leaders worldwide to advance their sustainability goals with easy to use and powerful software solutions and professional services. We help you to develop a sustainable competitive advantage and leverage environmental efficiency as part of your business and growth strategy.

Some of the public bodies we are proud to serve

Are you looking for a municipality or governmental solution? We have substantial experience in delivering expertise and solutions to national, provincial and city level governments. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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