Reliable LCA for Infrastructure

Gain LCA and water points for CEE­QUAL, PAS or Envi­sion with the
easy-to-use and intu­itive cloud ser­vice.

LCA Made Easy for Infrastructure projects

Life Cycle Assess­ment (LCA) helps you quan­ti­fy the envi­ron­men­tal impacts of your infra­struc­ture project in a reli­able and objec­tive man­ner. The result helps you make design and mate­ri­al choic­es with less time and mon­ey. As a numer­i­cal tool, it also sup­ports bench­mark­ing and com­par­ing alter­na­tives. The solu­tion is in com­pli­an­cy with the require­ments of CEE­QUAL 5.1, 5.2 and 4.1, and has been third par­ty cer­ti­fied for com­pli­an­cy with ISO and EN gen­er­al and con­struc­tion-speci­fic LCA stan­dards.

• Life-cycle assess­ment has been grow­ing in impor­tance as a new frame­work and analy­sis tool for sus­tain­abil­i­ty pro­fes­sion­als to ana­lyze the envi­ron­men­tal impacts of the given project.

• Life-cycle assess­ment quan­ti­fies the impacts in var­i­ous dif­fer­ent envi­ron­men­tal impact cat­e­gories, includ­ing the Car­bon Foot­print or C02 foot­print.

• Automat­ing LCA from your exist­ing data makes this a very cost-effi­cient and pow­er­ful analy­sis, where the frame­work itself can be lever­aged to opti­mize projects and make bet­ter design deci­sions.

Why choose One Click LCA for your Infrastructure project



The web-based tool is very easy and effi­cient to use, accord­ing to our users. You can also import your exist­ing data into the cloud ser­vice.

Get all your Green Building credits easily and fast

Complies with CEEQUAL, Envision, PAS 2080

Our ready-to-use mod­ules ensure com­pli­ance with your sys­tem and make sure you fol­low spec­i­fi­ca­tions to the dot.


Comes with your local database

Our team of engi­neers work rig­or­ous­ly to inte­grate all the pos­si­ble data we can find into our vast data­bas­es. This ensures local data con­di­tions are always met.

One Click LCA for Infrastructure — CEEQUAL, PAS & ENVISION

The LCA mod­ule in One Click LCA can be used for instance for air­ports, bridges, canals, trans­mis­sion sys­tems, roads, flood alle­vi­a­tion schemes, park & ride schemes, waste­water treat­ment works, pipeli­nes, reme­di­a­tion works, train sta­tions, marine works, pump­ing sta­tions, reser­voirs, and recy­cling facil­i­ties. Feel free to con­tact us, and we’ll let you know if One Click LCA is fits your needs.

One Click LCA can be used to achieve cred­its for:


  • 2.4.1 Whole-Life Approach (35p)
  • 2.4.2. Whole Life: Cli­mate Change Adap­ta­tion (25p)
  • 8.2.1 Life-Cycle Assess­ment (56p)
  • 8.2.2 Imple­ment­ing reduc­tions iden­ti­fied in the LCA (56p)
  • 8.5.2 Ener­gy con­sump­tion — con­sid­er­a­tion by con­trac­tor (38p)
  • 8.6.1 Embod­ied water (39p)
  • CEE­QUAL 4/4.1: 7.1.1., 7.1.2, 7.1.3., 7.1.4.

Envi­sion (infra­struc­ture scheme from Har­vard)

  • RA1.1 Reduce Net Embod­ied Ener­gy (18 points)
  • CR1.1 Reduce Green­house Gas Emis­sions (25 points)

BREEAM Infra­struc­ture (inter­na­tion­al pilot ver­sion)

  • ID 05 Whole life cost­ing
  • ID 06 Whole life envi­ron­men­tal impacts
  • Mat 01 Envi­ron­men­tal life cycle impacts
  • CE 02 Con­struc­tion site car­bon and ener­gy

PAS 2080 – for infra­struc­ture car­bon man­age­ment

It can also be used in con­nec­tion with a project infor­ma­tion mod­el. The whole plat­form is a scal­able and flex­i­ble solu­tion that grows with you and can be cus­tomized for your needs.

Now that you know the basics of it..

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Stay up to date on the latest in Infrastructure

Join the newslet­ter to get the lat­est scoop and access to top-notch resources.

Only a few updates annu­al­ly, unsub­scribe any­time.

Only a few updates annu­al­ly, unsub­scribe any­time.

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