BREEAM NL Mat 01, Man 02, Man 03 made easy

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BREEAM NL Mat 01, Man 02, Man 03 credits made easy

One Click LCA is approved for use in BREEAM NL and compliant with “Bepalingsmethode Milieuprestatie gebouwen en GWW-werken”. Dutch users can apply for LCA-based credits in their projects. Among the credits in question, there are Mat 01 LCA, Man 02 LCC, and Man 03 Site Impacts. The complete credit potential constitutes 12 credits in BREEAM NL for any construction project!

One Click LCA delivers BREEAM credits for all BREEAM schemes

See the credits attainable for each of the assessments in the table below:

BREEAM scheme Credit potential Mat 01 Mat 02 Mat 03 Mat 05 Mat 06 Man 12 Man 03 Wst 05 Ene 04
BREEAM NL 2014 12 9 2 1

One Click LCA partners with IES-VE to deliver more credits

In addition to One Click LCA, our partnership with IES offers a solution to attain even more BREEAM credits.

Read more on the IES website. See the credits attainable for each of the assessments in the table below:

BREEAM scheme Credit potential Man 01 Man 05 Wst 06 Hea 01 Hea 02 Hea 03 Hea 04 Ene 01 Ene 02 Ene 04 Ene 08
BREEAM NL 2014 20 1 1 1 15 2

*This is according to the newest scheme, in previous versions the number and the credits for this category might be different. For example, in BREEAM International 2013 it was MAN 05.

Credits subject to project constraints. Bionova Ltd accepts no responsibility for omissions or errors in the above data.

One Click LCA can to deliver maximal LCA credits for any BREEAM NL project anywhere in the world. The tool has been rated the highest performing by BRE for four times in a row, and it also delivers the exemplary credit from Mat 01. This is a really nice bonus on top of the vast time savings you’ll achieve by getting a Life Cycle Assessment done in just hours instead of weeks.

The new tools complementing LCA for BREEAM projects – max 12 credits, including:

  • Mat 01 Life cycle impacts; Eight credits + Exemplary (8 + 1)
  • Man 02 Life cycle cost and service life planning (2 credits)
  • Man 03 Monitoring of construction site impacts (1 credit)

Read more on the Dutch Green Build Council website.

Why choose One Click LCA for your BREEAM project



The web-based tool is very easy and efficient to use, according to our users. You can also import your existing data into the cloud service.


The only 100% rated BREEAM LCA software

BRE has awarded One Click LCA with 100% quality score. Read the official letter of approval from BREEAM here.


Comes with your local database

We have incorporated all datasets from MRPI and NMD in our database. This ensures local data conditions are always met.

What our users have to say about One Click LCA for BREEAM

One Click LCA allowed us to deliver an LCA in a schedule we could otherwise hardly have met. The tool is very flexible, standards-compliant and has a competent support.

Eryk Ostrowski

BREEAM certification specialist, Sweco Consulting, Poland

One Click LCA delivered the maximal 6+1 credits for BREEAM LCA. The software is really easy to use and does not require special expertise. I am happy to recommend it.

Riina Salomaa

Project Engineer, Optiplan Oy, Finland

One Click LCA has been selected for Joint Research Centre Refurbishment Projects as the most flexible, reliable, efficient tool for LCA in compliance with main Rating Systems as BREEAM, It allowed us to deliver Building 27b LCA in cost and time effective manner. Great support!

Eleonora Sablone

BREEAM AP and Assessor, European Commission JRC

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